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Inteligentné rozhranie pre migrácie CASI -RUSCO®
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The smart EasyCasi interface facilitates your technology migration from a CASI-RUSCO® system to secure access control applications, while maintaining your existing access control system.;; Smart Plug & Play interface ; This interface enables you to benefit from the very highest levels of security and the innovative functionality of the Architect® and Architect® Blue readers, without having to upgrade your access control system.; The EasyCasi interface converts and decrypts RS485 SSCP communications in the supervised SF/2F protocol so that they become compatible with the existing access system;; Benefits; Multi-technologies; Multi-functions; Extremely secure; Retro-compatible; Economical - no system change;; Scalable architecture to simplify migrations; Secure communication between the interface and the system via SSCP communication protocol. Interface and encryption keys (in SSCP) in a protected area.; Reading of 125 kHz CASI RUSCO® technologies via the Architect® SE8 125 kHz module.; Retro-compatible with SF/2F supervised protocol functions, fixing holes; Reprogrammable readers allowing you to dispense with the interface if you wish to change the system to RS485; Configurable via SECard / Ultrys v2 or controlled via SSCP protocol;; RFID MIFARE® DESFire® EV2; When combined with EasyCasi, the Architect® readers support the latest contactless MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 chips with new data securization systems: Secure Messaging EV2 and Proximity Check.;; Bluetooth® Low Energy & NFC Smartphones; EasyCasi allows for the use of virtual badges. Smartphones are used as access keys, doing away with all the constraints of traditional access, and with modes of identification that are both secure and instinctive.;; QR Code; The interface simplifies your temporary access control and visitor management applications by reading 1D and 2D codes: QR Code, Micro QR Code, 128 code, Aztec and Data Matrix.;; UHF EPC1 GEN 2; You can easily integrate long-range UHF technologies for smoother car park access control and automatic vehicle identification applications.;; A single interface to control everything; EasyCasi makes it possible to manage numerous functionalities:; Connection status with the pushbutton and position switch: closed, open and selfprotection (by input).; Status of the connections between the reader and the interface / the interface and the microcontroller.; Activation of the reader accelerometer monitor: any attempts to detach the reader stop the communications between the reader and the interface.; Visual feedback of door environment faults.;

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Inteligentné rozhranie pre migrácie CASI -RUSCO®


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